Gwiyomi much? 

Assalamualaikum wbt…to all muslims out there…may Allah bless you all with iman and aqidah that is as strong as mujahid n mujahidah, the warriors of Islam…ameen

Today..the world has been greatly affected by gwiyomi trend..what is gwiyomi?after gangnam style,this despicable trend has bring such a great impact..especially for us,the muslims.

Why are we, teenagers still dont know which people that we are allowed to follow?which act that is beneficial to ummah?

We rather forgot Sunnah that is brought up by Muhammad s.a.w rather than being outdated on this despicable trend? Imagine how our beloved Prophet Muhammad if he can see how his ummah is doing today? Crying?or smiling?

He fight for Islam…even when he is dying,he still thinking of us…’ummati…ummati..ummati’…but us????we are singing gangnam style…we are making videos of gwiyomi…rather than making video of salawat or nasyeed…

Why we prefer to follow something that is so shameful..let alone those cute girls with fair skin from japan or korea…we still have our religion…we still have Islam…why are we…wearing hijab…doing those videos..trying to get attention from other gender…what are we thinking?

Im very sorry for those who are rather feeling offended by what i have said here…but please sisters and brothers….we have Allah…we better try to appeal in front of Allah first rather than in front of the opposite gender…thank you