are you really a true k-pop fans? @ fascinating korea 

ok..this might be too much but reality was right before us…before all of this hallyu struck malaysia,or at least struck me,i did ask myself this question..”am i being honest to myself?will i ever be their true fans?will i always support them?”

because,as for me..i always took things seriously..for me,everything is too precious to be played with…and i reckon everybody knew that..i started to involved in this phenomenon on december 2009..i knew it was year and half i’ve been following news bout all k-pop stars..

but,in that time also,i decided to be a true fan..i want to love their talent and ability sincerely without paying attention based on their looks..of course appearance is important..i don’t deny that..but talent and ability surpass their looks..their determination inspired me..even it sound funny and foolish,but i knew most of true fans will know what i meant..

you will become anxious and excited to succeed in your life and become like them even you were studying or working in different areas…you want people to recognize you and say you become a part of their life..and all these idols and stars have achieved that..they have inspired you in unique and certain ways…

so,i decide i have to learn about them..malay proverbs has said,”how can you love someone that you didn’t even know?”..and the more i learned,it wowed me…and to take it to another level,i tried learning korean all by myself..through internet,videos and more..and now,i can read korean…i knew this will also benefit me in other i have my third language..i was thrilled..

i tried to learn more..i learned about their culture,manners and traditional clothes..i even tried to learn their history of building such a a wonderful country…their wars and passion help them achieve their independence from japan..i adore that..

with the help from this knowledge,i learn to love them more..because i knew their background and personals..i despise those who claim themselves as true k-pop lovers and the only things they knew was the appearance of these idols..some didn’t even knew their favorite idol’s name..

despite all this,i knew there were a lot of k-pop true fans out there..gazillions of them..please continue your love and support for them..

❤ ❤ ❤