Al baqarah verse 30

For those who has read this beautiful sentence from quran,im sure…understanding this post will be easy for you guys,inshaAllah.

Im only going to pinpoint my view of this beautiful verse..if anything i write is wrong,please correct me.. 🙂

Here,we can see that the angels are questioning Allah’s choice for human to be the khalifah in this world. Allah knew that not all human are good,we only bring harm to this world that He created. But why He still believe in us, the human? Compared to the angels that are loyal to Him, serve only Him, the powerful creator,Allah.

Allah give us two guidance which for those who follow it,will be never astray from the path to Jannah.Quran and Muhammad s.a.w.

Allah believe us. He give us guidance. We need nothing more than that,but why we human still abandon His words. Why we still do harm when there is rules?

Girls..why we still showing our body, our beautiful aurat when it is clearly stated in An-Nur 24:31 (surah 24th,verse 31) how to dress up,what to cover and for whom our aurat is? When Allah love us that much, why we didnt love ourselves?

And for those who remain as a ‘silent’ Muslim when we know that from Al Imran verse 104, Allah tell us to always spread the good deed among us and prevent our family and relatives from wrongdoings (amar makruf nahi munkar) , what do we do? Do we even give advice to our own friend or we just keep silent when we know what he/she did is haram?

Allah tell us to love our brothers and sisters in the same way as we love ourselves.. Muhammad s.a.w said to spread even one word from him to the others..

What should we do now dear brothers and sisters? Not only you guys,but im also trying to be the better version of me..the true servant of Allah the Almighty..let us keep our promise to Allah that we recite every time we read iftitah in solat, that our prayer,our deed,our life and death are only for Allah.

Islam is my deen, Allah is my creator. ALLAHUAKBAR 🙂