where i stand

standing on the wood that creak,

sitting down low from the flare,

hiding from the wicked that leaps,

and the devil that stares.


run and fly i go,

to the place i wish i know,

little that i learn,

it held knowledge worth thousands.


(written by : yuhanis yunus)


Assalamualaikum dear akhi and ukhti. As all of u can see, i have changed my display name as i wish that my blog will be humane as possible. I wish that all of you will feel nearer to me through my posts and media sharing after this, InshaAllah.

Stepping onto the land of Anbiya’ ,i felt rather worried than eager. How will i survive in this place? screaming and shouting filled with numerous of ‘WOWs’ coming out of the girls on the bus from Cairo to Mansoura has made my head felt heavier by times.

From climbing the never-ending staircases to get to my house at level 5 in Syariq Hasan Saeed to walking for almost 20 minutes to get to Kuliah Fi Tibb in Mansoura University, i know i have learnt a lot rather than staying in Malaysia. (not that i said Mansoura is better than Malaysia).

Getting cursed by the taxi drivers to accidentally walking by the scene where few Arabians are fighting, i wish hard to survive in this city as i know, Allah bring me here for a reason.

InshaAllah,there’s something for me here. 🙂