there’s a silver lining on the cloud

Alhamdulillah. today i want to start my post by praising Him who i often didn’t appreciate for all the guidance and Nur that he has been given me.

I’m sorry for not writing for too long. I’ve been busy these days and i believe i will be keeping this track until September.I’m also feeling sorry for myself for couldn’t express what I’ve felt the past few weeks. Last week has been rough for me. First of all, i had receive my final result which i think that is quite low. But still, Alhamdulillah it wasn’t that low. It was okay. My parent has been too kind to criticize me, they choose to just accept what i have done and they believe that i had worked hard. (thanks mom,dad and my sister!! ^^ )


there’s one more problem. i didn’t know where i should apply to pursue my dream. and my result didn’t offer me any help either.i was simply LOST. yes,not like that tv series-Lost but like Rose (kate winslet) kind of lost when she had to decide whether to keep on holding to Jack (leonardo dicaprio) or to let him go. please do not laugh. i did felt that way. to keep holding on my dream or just to forget it.

it was like there’s two path in front of me and i had to choose one of them in order to continue walking. one with wild bushes and thorns and i can see the black clouds moving behind the never-ending mountains while the other one is full with dead trees and the path is full with skulls of dead animals and even human skulls. neither the first path nor the second path is better than the other.

even when we’re on our way to Cameron Highlands, i kept thinking what kind of choice did i have. Suddenly, my mom’s phone rang and she answer the call. then,hesitating, she gave the phone to me saying that there’s someone wanted to talk to me. my face at that time looks like i has been bombed with a bazooka of curiosity. who the hell would like to talk to me during this period of time???i picked up the phone and there she was,GMN officer telling me that i has been offered to pursue my study in Al-Mansoura University, Cairo. and seriously i was way too confuse to be happy and shouting “hey,i got to do medic in Egypt!” or something. all i said was alright and that’s it. i was drowned in thoughts. I was hesitating and couldn’t make up my mind for days.

again, Alhamdulillah. with guidance from Him and all the advice that i got from my relatives, they have successfully made me believe that this is the right path for me and yes, i has accepted the offer. but still, i has lots of documents and forms waiting to be filled and that’s why i was and still am busy.

last but not least, Thanks God,mom & dad, sister and bros and friends for always be there for me.