the 2nd morning i woke up with a…

the 2nd morning,i woke up with a quite severe stomachache. it was so bad that i had to cancel going to the swimming pool as i promised my sister and brother. i did felt sorry for them but again i had this stomachache that hurt so badly that i was thinking twice to get up from the bed. nevertheless, i still woke up while dragging my heavy feet to the bathroom and try to forget the pain with a nice refreshing bath.

after feeling much much better,i went to the swimming pool to take few pictures. as i said before,i had promised my siblings to swim with them but i had to cancelled it and yes,it turned out that they were both sulking up with me and it was pretty ridiculous.i had my own reason for not hanging out with, it.

right after that, my family and i went for breakfast at the restaurant by the beach.what do i think bout that breakfast?well, at least the picturesque scenery of the beach do make it up for the tasteless breakfast. the fried noodles was to overwhelmed with excessive soy sauce while they only used the cheap version of coco crunch which i had never taste before.the only thing that i liked there was the fact that the milk was fresh and quite tasty.and that’s all.

the swimming pool by the beach

compilation of pictures there

so that’s all for my holiday.good bye villa danialla