bubbles and dream

the last time i was playing and try to blow bubbles was like 3 years ago..as far as i can remember.but last sunday, my brother asked me to buy him a bottle of bubbles liquid that we need to blow ourselves. i tried hard not to laugh because he is already 12 but still trying to blow bubbles in the air is kind of amusing.kids….

i bought the bubbles,hoping that he wasn’t going to ask me to play with him cause i knew i’m going to look ridiculous blowing the bubbles and running around to pop it with my fingertip.but as usual,i will always stay a victim of childish mind.so,i did play with bubbles and stupidly i was getting anxious playing and i even try to grabbed the bottle from my brother’s grip because i couldn’t wait to blow the bubbles.we even competed to blow the largest bubbles.

my comel little brother,trying hard to make large bubbles 😉

while watching my brother blowing the bubbles,i realised that right now,i was doing the same thing as my brother did.it just that we are both trying hard on different things.he’s trying to blow large bubbles and i am trying hard to build my large passionate dreams of becoming either a doctor or a professor.like a bubble,if i didn’t try hard enough and didn’t take care of it as it is very delicate and fragile like my dream,i will lose it and it will be gone like the bubble that i popped with my fingertip.my dream is beautiful like the bubbles i blew yet so delicate and hard to take care of.it just that how i wish i can buy a bottle of wishes and i will blew it to make my dreams come true 😉