holiday part 1 : vain

last week,my family decided to go on a vacation.not like oprah’s vacation but hurm..just an ordinary escape from our not-so-hectic life.just for the note,we were planning but we didn’t google or just search from any newspapers on any holiday articles or,basically it was just a plain plan,like an instant noodle without any monosodium glutamate which is pretty ridiculous right?we were not the type that always do the talk but didn’t do the work but somehow it turned out that everyone was busy last week so we insanely thought that everything will going to be fine,there were many hotels,no worries.which is also as ridiculous as it sounds.

to make it short,the night before the vacation,as predicted,it was a least everyone wanted to go to different places,different hotels.and for the record,my father just gave me the ‘job’ as ‘tourism department promoter’ by asking me to google and find reviews on any hotel that can be found on,it was hard for me because my sister wanted to go to the beach and she wanted to stay in an affordable resort while my brother wanted to stay in a luxury one which almost make me burst out in laugh.well,i thought that it was normal for a 12 year old boy to think that his family at least owns a private jet or a posh yacht.

and to make it even shorter???(LOL),we finally went for my sister’s idea.we went to villa danialla.because we only wanted to stay for one night,we decided to stay in villa ombak which only cost us do think that it match the price..err???

not-so-clean toilet (sorry for this ‘flashy’ image)

vintage large mirror in the bathroom.

here comes ME! lol

another vintage item : green chair,also in the bathroom

vintage closet

vintage bed

wide side table by the huge window

outside our room..if you can see it,actually the door knob is also vintage

the beach

that’s all the picture for part one.LOL.hurm,anyway,it was a nice first day at villa danialla but there are few things that definitely caught my attention (not in a good way).

the reception room there was untidy and to be frank,it actually didn’t resemble any reception area should have offend but that smelly small room where i booked my room couldn’t be called a reception area at all.

though the word toilet and dirty always come to mind in combo but it doesn’t mean that a toilet should be dirty right?as you can see in the picture,no more words can was just disgusting.

i knew i booked the cheapest room/villas offered there,but it didn’t give it any right to be uncleaned!the floor was dusty and father had to ask the janitor to clean it.huh.

i knew the villa’s owner love vintage things but i didn’t expect to see any of the duvet was once used.once i saw the duvet,i knew it.the owner must had bought the duvet form a secondhand shop.clearly,i didn’t go to the villa to sleep on used duvet

*it wasn’t my intention to bash this so-called villa danialla.the actual purpose of my post was to write on reviews and to show what is the real perspective of people that used to go on a holiday there.i represent those who didn’t speak on the flaws or those who couldn’t point out what is missing and what is wrong while they’re on the vacation.frankly speaking,i’m the honest one here.LOL.

**if any of the villa dianalla’s worker or owner read this,i’m sorry but please do something if you really want your customers to go back to villa danialla.please just do anything.renovate,redecorate.for the sake of the customers that spent their money for a fantastic holiday,don’t dissapoint them.

customer is always right~~~