Dear Diary

in 2009,puan bahana was my english teacher. (note that i’m still 16 years old back then).hehehehe.and to help us to master english and use english everyday (she said this herself),she asked the whole class to write a journal.yes,a personal journal regardless that we still had to submit it every week.i guess it wasn’t personal anymore.she made us believe that she would never tell anybody bout our little secret in the book/journal.

well,i do believe her because if she used to tell anybody bout my secret and my personal rage that i used to write in the so-called journal,i knew that i will never got to live till this right moment where i manage to reveal what i wrote in the journal in my own blog.wohooooo!!yipeee madam bahana.God bless her. 😉

*please disregard the journal front cover and my awfully bad writing*

" The Journal "

and for those who has ‘CSI” skill to enlarge the picture,please don’t try to read what i had wrote

what i can conclude from my diary are :

  • i love my family very much and i am very close with my sister (but right know we are both arguing.LOL)
  • i am very close to my lovely friend fariza
  • i already has severe headache before i went to hospital and been diagnosed with neuro problem.
  • i stopped to write in my journal exactly on the day i had to go to the hospital
  • i often wrote on my friend and her crush relationship. (oh God,what am i doing?put my big b**t in someone else’s life)
  • i wrote anything in my mind and what had happen almost in an instant.LOL.

one thing I REALIZED THAT,i has grown up so much.i am in my 19th year.i had gone through a lot and i really think that i has grown up a lot since.not only that,i also believe that i has achieved a is not that my achievement are like those who compete in olympics or something similar to that.even if i only manage to write,count and read,i always consider that are one of the most important achievement in my life because those achievement pave a path for me.a path where i start my journey. 🙂