a rather colourful day

when my aunt decided to bake something today,i was in the middle of questioning her indescribable sudden decision to bake.yes,she might be a great baker then,in the old days…when she was single and available..LOL..but now,she already married,a little old to be like “OH! I WANNA BAKE!!!!” and jumping in excitement,and on top of that,she has a daughter soon to be 3 years old this november.

why i was questioning her passion????because i know when she want to bake she will be like “kakak,can you take care of damia? feed her? and play with her? while i’m going to bake you something”

yeah right..it is not that she going to bake something that is delicious enough to compare my dedication to take care of her spoiled daughter.yes,damia is very cute and eloquent brilliant little angel,but i am 19 for god sake to play with her???barbie doll is playing on the see-saw????bla bla this and that..oh god..and she can be a little annoying sometimes when she refused to sit and play quietly and screaming for her mom at the top of her lung..i’m like god bless my aunt for being so patient with her..

while my sister was helping my aunt baking,i try to calm damia by playing with her hands,i ended up massaging her.and i saw she was smiling and i felt so happy inside.i felt something that is rather strange.okayyyyy..i’m not going to say i felt as if i want to be a mother and bla bla this and that..i know,i will end up suffocating myself and those who read my blog with all this lovey dovey stuff..

NO,i wasn’t.i was simply just feeling so happy.and i thought that maybe this is it.maybe this is something that makes my mom so strong.strong enough to raise 4 of us (my siblings and i).maybe it was tough and all to feed,to take care a child but at the end of the day,you will feel that it is worth all your love that you has given.i really felt that way..thanks mom…


and this is our little model,DAMIA