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    bubbles and dream 

    the last time i was playing and try to blow bubbles was like 3 years ago..as far as i can remember.but last sunday, my brother asked me to buy him a bottle of bubbles liquid that we need to blow ourselves. i tried hard not to laugh because he is already 12 but still trying to blow bubbles in the air is kind of amusing.kids….

    i bought the bubbles,hoping that he wasn’t going to ask me to play with him cause i knew i’m going to look ridiculous blowing the bubbles and running around to pop it with my fingertip.but as usual,i will always stay a victim of childish mind.so,i did play with bubbles and stupidly i was getting anxious playing and i even try to grabbed the bottle from my brother’s grip because i couldn’t wait to blow the bubbles.we even competed to blow the largest bubbles.

    my comel little brother,trying hard to make large bubbles 😉

    while watching my brother blowing the bubbles,i realised that right now,i was doing the same thing as my brother did.it just that we are both trying hard on different things.he’s trying to blow large bubbles and i am trying hard to build my large passionate dreams of becoming either a doctor or a professor.like a bubble,if i didn’t try hard enough and didn’t take care of it as it is very delicate and fragile like my dream,i will lose it and it will be gone like the bubble that i popped with my fingertip.my dream is beautiful like the bubbles i blew yet so delicate and hard to take care of.it just that how i wish i can buy a bottle of wishes and i will blew it to make my dreams come true 😉

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    the 2nd morning i woke up with a… 

    the 2nd morning,i woke up with a quite severe stomachache. it was so bad that i had to cancel going to the swimming pool as i promised my sister and brother. i did felt sorry for them but again i had this stomachache that hurt so badly that i was thinking twice to get up from the bed. nevertheless, i still woke up while dragging my heavy feet to the bathroom and try to forget the pain with a nice refreshing bath.

    after feeling much much better,i went to the swimming pool to take few pictures. as i said before,i had promised my siblings to swim with them but i had to cancelled it and yes,it turned out that they were both sulking up with me and it was pretty ridiculous.i had my own reason for not hanging out with them.so,whatever.be it.

    right after that, my family and i went for breakfast at the restaurant by the beach.what do i think bout that breakfast?well, at least the picturesque scenery of the beach do make it up for the tasteless breakfast. the fried noodles was to overwhelmed with excessive soy sauce while they only used the cheap version of coco crunch which i had never taste before.the only thing that i liked there was the fact that the milk was fresh and quite tasty.and that’s all.

    the swimming pool by the beach

    compilation of pictures there

    so that’s all for my holiday.good bye villa danialla

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    holiday part 1 : vain 

    last week,my family decided to go on a vacation.not like oprah’s vacation but hurm..just an ordinary escape from our not-so-hectic life.just for the note,we were planning but we didn’t google or just search from any newspapers on any holiday articles or reviews.so,basically it was just a plain plan,like an instant noodle without any monosodium glutamate which is pretty ridiculous right?we were not the type that always do the talk but didn’t do the work but somehow it turned out that everyone was busy last week so we insanely thought that everything will going to be fine,there were many hotels,no worries.which is also as ridiculous as it sounds.

    to make it short,the night before the vacation,as predicted,it was a chaos.at least everyone wanted to go to different places,different hotels.and for the record,my father just gave me the ‘job’ as ‘tourism department promoter’ by asking me to google and find reviews on any hotel that can be found on earth.LOL.so,it was hard for me because my sister wanted to go to the beach and she wanted to stay in an affordable resort while my brother wanted to stay in a luxury one which almost make me burst out in laugh.well,i thought that it was normal for a 12 year old boy to think that his family at least owns a private jet or a posh yacht.

    and to make it even shorter???(LOL),we finally went for my sister’s idea.we went to villa danialla.because we only wanted to stay for one night,we decided to stay in villa ombak which only cost us RM300.so..i do think that it match the price..err???

    not-so-clean toilet (sorry for this ‘flashy’ image)

    vintage large mirror in the bathroom.

    here comes ME! lol

    another vintage item : green chair,also in the bathroom

    vintage closet

    vintage bed

    wide side table by the huge window

    outside our room..if you can see it,actually the door knob is also vintage

    the beach

    that’s all the picture for part one.LOL.hurm,anyway,it was a nice first day at villa danialla but there are few things that definitely caught my attention (not in a good way).

    the reception room there was untidy and to be frank,it actually didn’t resemble any reception area should have been.no offend but that smelly small room where i booked my room couldn’t be called a reception area at all.

    though the word toilet and dirty always come to mind in combo but it doesn’t mean that a toilet should be dirty right?as you can see in the picture,no more words can describe.it was just disgusting.

    i knew i booked the cheapest room/villas offered there,but it didn’t give it any right to be uncleaned!the floor was dusty and sandy.my father had to ask the janitor to clean it.huh.

    i knew the villa’s owner love vintage things but i didn’t expect to see any of the duvet was once used.once i saw the duvet,i knew it.the owner must had bought the duvet form a secondhand shop.clearly,i didn’t go to the villa to sleep on used duvet

    *it wasn’t my intention to bash this so-called villa danialla.the actual purpose of my post was to write on reviews and to show what is the real perspective of people that used to go on a holiday there.i represent those who didn’t speak on the flaws or those who couldn’t point out what is missing and what is wrong while they’re on the vacation.frankly speaking,i’m the honest one here.LOL.

    **if any of the villa dianalla’s worker or owner read this,i’m sorry but please do something if you really want your customers to go back to villa danialla.please just do anything.renovate,redecorate.for the sake of the customers that spent their money for a fantastic holiday,don’t dissapoint them.

    customer is always right~~~

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    somehow,my aunt’s apam polkadot that we used to bake which start of just as our hobby and we only bake it for fun now has become a business.

    these are apam polkadot that we bake and decorate it for teacher’s day recently

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    Dear Diary 

    in 2009,puan bahana was my english teacher. (note that i’m still 16 years old back then).hehehehe.and to help us to master english and use english everyday (she said this herself),she asked the whole class to write a journal.yes,a personal journal regardless that we still had to submit it every week.i guess it wasn’t personal anymore.she made us believe that she would never tell anybody bout our little secret in the book/journal.

    well,i do believe her because if she used to tell anybody bout my secret and my personal rage that i used to write in the so-called journal,i knew that i will never got to live till this right moment where i manage to reveal what i wrote in the journal in my own blog.wohooooo!!yipeee madam bahana.God bless her. 😉

    *please disregard the journal front cover and my awfully bad writing*

    " The Journal "

    and for those who has ‘CSI” skill to enlarge the picture,please don’t try to read what i had wrote

    what i can conclude from my diary are :

    • i love my family very much and i am very close with my sister (but right know we are both arguing.LOL)
    • i am very close to my lovely friend fariza
    • i already has severe headache before i went to hospital and been diagnosed with neuro problem.
    • i stopped to write in my journal exactly on the day i had to go to the hospital
    • i often wrote on my friend and her crush relationship. (oh God,what am i doing?put my big b**t in someone else’s life)
    • i wrote anything in my mind and what had happen almost in an instant.LOL.

    one thing I REALIZED THAT,i has grown up so much.i am in my 19th year.i had gone through a lot and i really think that i has grown up a lot since.not only that,i also believe that i has achieved a lot.it is not that my achievement are like those who compete in olympics or something similar to that.even if i only manage to write,count and read,i always consider that are one of the most important achievement in my life because those achievement pave a path for me.a path where i start my journey. 🙂

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    a rather colourful day 

    when my aunt decided to bake something today,i was in the middle of questioning her indescribable sudden decision to bake.yes,she might be a great baker then,in the old days…when she was single and available..LOL..but now,she already married,a little old to be like “OH! I WANNA BAKE!!!!” and jumping in excitement,and on top of that,she has a daughter soon to be 3 years old this november.

    why i was questioning her passion????because i know when she want to bake she will be like “kakak,can you take care of damia? feed her? and play with her? while i’m going to bake you something”

    yeah right..it is not that she going to bake something that is delicious enough to compare my dedication to take care of her spoiled daughter.yes,damia is very cute and eloquent brilliant little angel,but i am 19 for god sake to play with her???barbie doll is playing on the see-saw????bla bla this and that..oh god..and she can be a little annoying sometimes when she refused to sit and play quietly and screaming for her mom at the top of her lung..i’m like god bless my aunt for being so patient with her..

    while my sister was helping my aunt baking,i try to calm damia by playing with her hands,i ended up massaging her.and i saw she was smiling and i felt so happy inside.i felt something that is rather strange.okayyyyy..i’m not going to say i felt as if i want to be a mother and bla bla this and that..i know,i will end up suffocating myself and those who read my blog with all this lovey dovey stuff..

    NO,i wasn’t.i was simply just feeling so happy.and i thought that maybe this is it.maybe this is something that makes my mom so strong.strong enough to raise 4 of us (my siblings and i).maybe it was tough and all to feed,to take care a child but at the end of the day,you will feel that it is worth all your love that you has given.i really felt that way..thanks mom…


    and this is our little model,DAMIA


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