to inspire or be inspired

to write or to not write is the same as to die or not to die for me (literally)…when you wrote something,you often expect people will like it as much as you do,but…the real question is whether their way of thinking or judging is the same way as you are..for example, are Braun Buffel and Burberry different?some will answer, “no,they are the same. they’re branded goods” and some will answer “they are different.they even spelled in a different way”..okay,those people who answer it this way certainly deserve a punch in their face..

okay..i’m way out of topic here..^^

coming back to my issue here..for a writer/blogger like me ( i deserve to be called as writer???blogger???hurm..NO,I am NOT),when you wrote something,it either turn out as something refreshing,something cool,something that is pleasantly suprising OR something that is controversial (not in a good way),something that is not worth of waiting for it (the page) to load which approximately taking 0.5 second…


i’m having doubt most of the time when i started to write (and it goes the same with this post too).what i’m going to write?is this too much of exposure?will this be alright?will this be fun to read?sometimes,this argument will end up in ‘no-post-for-today’ situation.anyway,i’m just a woman..err..not that i’m old enough to be call woman..just like britney said ‘i’m not a girl but not yet a woman’…okay..for a teenage girl like me,things that inspire me to write are quite funny though…


1. my friend
-okay,this might need some matter when this friend has hurt my feelings or make me happy, at the end of the day,i will end up with bunch of stories or event to share..
-and when this other friend wrote something cool in his/her blog,i will end up being inspired to write more or to write something if it is not as cool as my friend’s post,at least,it i will write something good..and that’s enough reason for me to write.

2. my feeling
-regardless to keep my sanity,i also write to express and share my feelings.even if not many will response,or in this case,only my bff (^^,) that response to my post,i’m happy that at least there is someone that will read the post and know what i have been through.

3. when i’m having menses and my emotion is not that stable
-okay,this is quite funny for me..but i do notice that whenever i’m having menses and all those problems start to accumulate and the only thing that is letting me to express myself is through this blog..and i do admit that there’s difference in the post that i wrote when i’m having menses and when i’m not having menses..and it seems that i wrote better when i’m having menses.

4. to inspire
-even if i only has small probability of inspiring others,i am actually trying my best to write something..something that even it is not the best,at least it is better,and..even if it is not better than others,it is good enough..and even if it is not good enough,at least i’m being honest with myself and i try to not be a hypocrite,and continue to write something that is related to me,something that is me..


there are many other reasons that i couldn’t put into words here..this post is actually a small gratitude to everyone that has inspire me,no matter how small or how big it is,even the smallest contribution actually has put me where i am today.and actually to my parents that always taught me everything since i was little i big as i can be *laugh*….


the most important thing that i have learnt is that to never stop writing..

Finish each day and be done with it,you have done what you could;
Some blunders and absurdities have crept in;forget them as soon as you can.
Tomorrow is a new day; you shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.

  • -Ralph Waldo Emerson —

right on,Ralph..

p/s:it is not that my blog is good enough to inspire,just try to share my thoughts