5 days to go

been counting days,hours,minutes,seconds and even milliseconds..actually just finished packing all my stuff yesterday..the only things left are 4 baju kurung,few tees,trousers and books..

the red bag is full of tees and trousers + jeans,the blue bag is full of baju kurung…

and this is my mini-station..hehehe..actually this is where i sat and study while listening to music..

and this is the messiest place..where i put everything here..from books,mags,files, to my make up stuff..LOL

and this is..quite shabby eyh???this is where i slept for the past 10 months…looks pathetic but just bear with it…LOL

and this last picture..i have been fighting with myself whether i’m going to reveal it or not..this is quite a shameful picture..for those who’s viewing this post,please ignore it after 0.05 second you saw this..o my God..after this,i’m pretty sure all those mothers out there will never want to have an in-law like me..but please do trust me..i’m not usually like this..just that,just few days left..have no energy to spare rather than to study and packing up..

so,that’s all the pictures i have..now i just have that much amount of pride to spare…can believe that i’m going to upload this..for the sake of reality..then..this is it..

p/s:sorry to my friend that actually i promised her to post this yesterday but my broadband is being a *****..