when will it is going to be better????

i’m feeling like a frizzer now…hahahah…first of all,math paper 1 just ended this morning..i do feel relieved but only for that it has ended.i’m not relieved thinking of how i answering the paper…right now i’m feeling like going to beg forgiveness from all mathematicians around the world,dead or alive,i’m sorry for being a disgrace and disrespectful towards mathematics.after this,i swear i’ll treat math better.i swear.


i also swear to at least read one english novel per month…o Lord..now i knew that i’m just an average.both in conversation or writing..err..can i say this..i think i speak better english than writing in english..how can that be?????now i’m feeling like a scum..or else..i’ll write to ministry of education to change how us (matric student) will answer the essay..through our blog…can?????or cannot???hehehehe..now i do sound like a real scum,pathetic human being…


while waiting to enter the exam room,i sat on the corridor..waiting,and waiting nervously to answer math. but thennnn….drum roll please…..Mr Lim,my witty and handsome and sweet and just do imagine yourself the rest of his good points beside having a master degree in math….just walk pass where i was sitting and smile and nod at me..as if he’s giving me a good luck wish..o God,now i’m gonna faint not for the math paper await,but Mr Lim..and that senior i was talking bout the other day,our eyes met..hahah..but then,that is the only progress today… ^^


MR LIM : please don’t smile at me while i wait to enter the exam room,it’ll just increase my heart rate…

THAT SENIOR : just don’t think the other way around.just want to be friend..not more than that.a loser like
me just need a cool person like you to be noticed by others..hehehhee ^^

p/s : another math paper waiting this monday.. *shivering*