my first day of exam

today is when my first day of my final exam started.the first subject is of course, english..i love english very much. yes, i do.but when it comes to 50 questions (objective plak tuh),i do get annoyed. have to finish answering within 2 hours. we started at 9 am till 11 am.but i have finished it at 9.50 am…so,what bout leaving the exam room earlier???i do question myself..while i’m questioning myself,at least 5 students have left the room.

…….then,thinking back,i don’t want other people to say that “wooaaa..berlagak siap awal la tuh”.then,i stayed till the end.whatever it is,my biggest problem during this exam is that i’m having flu throughout the morning and to make it worse,i didn’t even budge to bring tissue or handkerchief with me….argh…i’m so…..angry with myself…

my seat number is 95.actually,i knew that i’ll be in the same room as this one senior that..i kinda like..just that i’m a fan of him.he’s one of malaysian representative for x-games…he did bicycle stunts and stuff..yet,he’s also one of annur committee member (geng surau lah kiranya) and president for PRD or pembimbing rakan dinamik for my…to sum it up,he’s kinda famous jgk la kan..


he’s sitting beside me…i’m like so uncomfortable while answering all those whatever question…what if i suddenly fart????(having stomach ache during that time) and my runny nose even helping at all..o God..just help me…..and to make my heart beat faster,there’s also a guy sitting beside me..he’s just so-so tp even that, a girl couldn’t help to feel uncomfortable kn bila a guy is sitting beside her..tambah2,both left and right…and to top it up,there’s this guy..a hottie that also sat for exam in the same room as…


what to do for next 4 days coming?????just help me