someone has subscribing me!!! yeahhhhh~~~~

woa..i’m so damn excited!!!!!

ok,let me just briefing all of you what i had did this morning…well…at first,i woke up and did my usual duty,heheheheh…well,it’s kind of habit….woke up,rubbing my eyes and all that..pray…and do stuff….then,my mom came home after finished her usual duty of fetching my brother and my dad to their school…it’s obvious that we only have one car…ok,i isn’t enough for my family of six…i realized it more whenever holiday approach..hell yeah..after that,she saw me there..on a couch..lying like a pig..without anything to do..hmm,i’m not just lying like a pig,i’m fat like a mom nag me bout stuff..that i should have exercise and things..of course i want to be skinny like my my neighbour and i really don’t want them to get bossy and told my mom that her child looks like a giant bear????hell….and i really want my mom to know how it felt to show off her child’s body and being able to compare with the neighbour…ok,i’m sorry mom because i was beautiful when you hold me and now i became like a total loser..i want to okay.i just don’t have enough will…i love to exercise and thinking that myself will someday look like tyra bank (oh how i love her)…i drank the anti-oxidant tea and held myself from vomitting just to achieve that..but i’m such an eager person..i couldn’t bear the fact that after i exercise,i still didn’t lose even 1kg of fat out of my…then,i stood up and get to my fitness bicycle and i just cycle it till my feet sore and my thigh burning will singing and dancing to the music…oh,yeah,i still have that groove,baby!!! =)))

then i started to walk to the bathroom..before that i just wrap my hair that has been smoothened with hair mask..and i already slice the tomato to half to rub my face with..then i rub the mineral spa salt with guava essence to my body and neck..then i wash my face with the tomatoes…and i wash my silky hair =p
then i started to run and open my laptop and type the keywords : snjsubs

well…it always was snjsubs..because they have recent videos of wgm (we got married) korean famous reality show…i just get on and downloaded the first part and i was so happy when it finished..yet,the second part was a dang!!!! in the face for me..i couldn’t downloaded it….why????so,i want to forget that..i just check in my email and there it was..a mail from wordpress saying i have a subscriber!!!!woa…..!!!!thank you =)))))