life as a busy teenage worker….and dreamer

life is not was a cliche.but who were we tp predict the outcome in our waiting answers from jpa or mara, i decide to give a shot in working.people say it terrible and some say it was a depression.i hope to see it from another angle that not many of us seen the potential within.

i decide to work in my aunt’s school.i work as a promoter in a school shop.the school consist of nearly thousand students..leave alone the teachers and workers..and i insanely decide to work heard it right..ALONE…i had to handle the copier machine,refill the water in the fridge,take care of other stationery section….books,files and the most important was,anything they want to buy,i gave them..and pay back their change ( if any)….and most of them,nearly 500 student just attack the shop or kiosk or whatever they called them at the same time..i was taken aback..i was in shock..

and in the end of the day,i ended up being tired enough to stay silent and didnt even get a chance to say “I WAS SO *(&*(^%$^# TIRED!!!! HELP ME!