spm 2010 result : how it will turn out for all of us?

i was so scared..i was so damn scared and i’m not lying..for the past 24 hours,i have been crying for at least 3 times…it wasn’t because of i was scared to face off the reality…but i was scared if i will make my parents ashamed of me..i was so worried…and all of the things which loaded on my shoulders for the past years : listed in 50 top student,50 promising student in spm 2010 totally has increased the pressure..people will think, ‘oh,this girl was trying to show off’….well,this is what our community always think,being brilliant is brilliant..it’s actually not in a certain way..it added up the pressure..all the compliments,all the praises will make us feel inconvenient sort of..because it will make everything(the results) will never be enough..and we will utterly push ourself..and sometimes even harm ourself…this is very true..i was a patient last 2 years for having multiple hypertension..i was being observed by neurologist…and i saw that other patients which have the same problem as me was mostly student….nvm all this issues..i just hope the result will be brilliant for us..dear Allah,please help me achieve my dream so that i can learn in the name of truth..and so that i will use the knowledge and education that i will receive on your path…..in a way that will blessed by you..amin..

thanks to my sister,Farah,her dear friend,Kak Ella,my senior,Syakir,Kak Nisa,Asyraf and my lovely friends,Yeen,Nabilah,Fariza and my parents and family….thank you from the bottom of my heart…and to all my friends in SMKDMPR(1) and teachers..thank you..thank you all for supporting me throughout my senior year in school..thank you for believing in me..and all of us from form 5 students… 😉