tempe masak pedas ikan bilis/tempe (fermented soybean) with spicy anchovies

this is no doubt the most delicious jawa-malay dish that my mom had ever cooked!please try this..i have been eating only this for at least 2 days!!!


3 bars/200 gram of tempe
4 tablespoon of dried chilli paste
3 cloves of garlic
1/2 of onion
3 shallots
100 gram of anchovies
vegetable oil

how to cook:

1.fry tempe and anchovies and set aside
2.saute mixture of chillies,garlic and shallots that has been blended or mashed using mortar and pestle
3.add dried chilli paste and saute until it is perfectly cook or you can see the bubble start to rise
4.add fried tempe and anchovies together into the pan and leave it for 3 minutes.
5.add finely chopped onion.
6.you can add additional chillies that has been julienne if you prefer it more spicy
7.leave it for another 4 minutes.
8.ready to be served as one of the side dishes.

p/s:dried chilli paste is tastier if you made it yourself.next time,i will include a recipe on how to make perfect chilli paste..be sure to read it!