fried rice pilaf : southeast asia meet middle eastern recipe

this recipe has been invent by myself..i’m sorry if it’s lack of something but as for me,this dish is perfect for dinner or a great lunch..hope you guys will try it!!!fighting!

a big bowl of rice
3 cloves of garlic
one onion
one cup of mixed vegetables
2 red chillies (you can add more if you want it to be hot)
2 tablespoon of salt/to taste
2 tablespoon of seasoning/to taste
4 tablespoon light soy sauce/to taste
2 tablespoon of oyster sauce/to taste
cheddar(as much as you want)
red pepper powder to taste
an egg
vegetable oil

preheat the oven for 10 minutes with 150C.
finely chop the garlic and chillies.
give the garlic and chillies a thump from the back of the knife to give it more kick.(yeah!)
finely chop the onion and set aside.
saute the garlic and chillies until it turns brown and give out nice smell.
add the onion and stir it a little until it turn brown.
add the seasoning and salt.
break an egg and add it to your wok and give it a nice stir.
add some light soy sauce and oyster sauce.
add mixed vegetable and continue to stir.
add the rice and give it a stir and make sure that all of the ingredient and the rice are mixed thoroughly.
let the fried rice rest for 5 minutes.

rub the vegetable oil onto the cake pan(i’m using cake pan because i knew that everybody have it at home).
scoop the fried rice into the pan and flatten it.
add some cheddar and make sure it fully covered the rice.
dust some salt and red pepper powder on top of the surface.
put it into the oven for 10 minutes.
before serving it,you can chop some parsley to garnish.