how to make your campbell’s soup tastier

first of all,we knew that campbell’s came with all different sort of flavor such as chicken,mushroom and potatoes and much more…but sometimes,i had to admit,it taste sort of bland…right?

so,first things first…..

1.add one additional glass of water(this to prevent the soup from becoming to thick)

2.stir the mixture slowly and at a constant rate(to prevent the soup from becoming chunky)

3.slow down the fire(you don’t want the soup to burnt)

4.add little amount of salt

5.add dust of paprika or some ordinary chilli powder

6.add little amount of white or black pepper powder..or you can mix them both

7.after the bubble appear(which indicates it have been cooked thoroughly),turn off the fire

and it’s done!!!believe me,u will taste the difference

and u can eat it with bread,garlic bread,biscotti and u can even eat it on its own because it isn’t bland anymore!!!!!

p/s:this step can be use with any flavor of campbell’s soup…