will i ever be???

after 2 hours worth of watching dramas,football match and raja lawak at the same time with my parents,i finally have an opportunity to write again….i just hit a blog that worth reading for and i start to feel a lil’ bit insecure…i observed my blog and i notice that my blog didn’t have what it takes to grab attention…(please neglect other aspect such as pretty and preppy background and etc)..what i was concerned about was my writing…will i ever be good enough for others start to notice my blog and gain something after reading it..i admired those who can write and inspired others…i suddenly feel not less than lame..yes,i’m quite ashamed..i’m not good at writing…

but i like writing..i’m never tired of it…i hope i can be a part of something..a lil’ bit of these and that through my blog..i want my blog to inspired others,i want my blog to be informative…nevertheless,i want my blog to be useful…and the last thing is that i want my blog to have a piece of me in it…so that i can interact with others through my writing…so,please support me (i’m trying to be as positive as possible thinking that someone might read this,even there is only 2 hits when i’m writing this) =)