i’m freakin’ jealous!!!!

just now,on a journey back home from my gran house…i finally saw something that made me mad..not at others..but at myself..i just saw my friend driving..hell yeah..i’m 18 years old and right now is just the right age for me to grab the car key and driving like the world is mine…(i think every 18 years old teen just feel this way for the first time when they start their engine after getting their license right???i suppose so…)..i’m trying my best to not blame others but…when there is someone involved,how can i be such a fool to not blame him/her???i’m trying to make it short…just to appear innocence(laugh)….he/she supposed to go to the driving academy with me since he/she is the one that asked me to accompany him/her..but then,he/she went with someone else…how can i not be mad..i’m just a human being that has been betrayed by my own besties…it was almost similar to the case where someone has broke their promises to their best friend…hmmmph..after giving it a lot of thought,i just want to forget all of that..i mean i know it wasn’t such a big deal but i just hate liars..that’s all..because of what happened,i just lost interest in getting my license..that’s all