5 rencah 5 rasa…hurmmmmm

here is what i think about 5 rencah 5 rasa….remind you that the first ever episode of this cooking program that i watch was in the hospital with my family….we was waiting for my father’s turn to do his stress test(he’s diagnosed with heart disease since 2008)….due to maximum level of boringness,i even started to observe my own slippers for more than 10 minutes even there was nothing eye catching enough rather than a little ‘roxy’ labeled on the right corner of the slippers….all of a sudden,i heard this witty voice that caught my ear….not more that 30 seconds after that,i found myself already hooked to the program..here is what i found irresistable about 5 rencah 5 rasa…

1. there is a menu consist of appetizer,dessert and etc which is a complete menu to be watch every week

2. the recipe for every week was indeed very healthy

3. the ingredients used is very easy to find

4. the recipe is very viewers-friendly..it is traditional with a delightful modern twist

5. sherson lian(the host) is very witty…he made us(at least me) want to watch him

6. the way shers handle the appliances is very smooth and interesting

7. shers is very jamie oliver-like in a good way…

8. the way shers teased the viewers is acceptable in a way he helped this program to not seem boring and sceptical

and lastly………….of course

9. shers is good looking..a good look with a gifted skill…who didn’t want to watch him????

so,for those who is still finding a malaysian cooking program with a bit of desirable uniqueness,watch 5 rencah 5 rasa